Heart Cry of a Hypocrite

Matthew 7:5 ESV You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

If you know me then you know where I will be on Sunday morning. You know I am overextended trying to be Jesus to all in the sanctuary, but setting my cross down on the way out the door. My actions on Monday speak louder than the bible verse that is written on my tee shirt, and I only practice what is preached at me when I am in the comfort zone of my pew.

I act like I am better than you because of my location on the weekends, but the truth is I am terrified of my own brokenness. I have become jaded to the design of sanctification being the process of learning from my failure. Even though I know to give my mistakes up to God, it goes against all I have been taught by this world. How much more comforting would it be if I could get myself into heaven because trust is just hard for me? Trust is seen as weakness and how dare I have a crack in my own pedestal while I tear yours down. I should be more focused on allowing myself to be torn apart by God so I can be brought back up to a place of servitude. Instead of admitting my pride for the sake of humility I pound my chest proclaiming my own deeds like a Pharisee in new robes.

You and I both want to be good people, but I chose a different way than following man so I say. I fear my example of self over serving has led many astray. Somewhere along that path I forgot that when I lean on myself and not Jesus I will stumble and bring dishonor to God. I never ‘got this’ but I have a savior who has had this since the fall of man.

I am easy to be appalled by someone teaching false doctrine, and holding it over them instead of correcting them gently. I let people speak for me instead of recognizing the power of my God given voice preaching the gospel. I forgot that God gave power to my testimony. I forgot to see people with compassion, love and forgiveness before they even asked. Have I really forgotten how hopeless and terrible the world can be without Jesus that I didn’t think about how another may respond differently than I to the news that they are truly loved?

I should never have seen anyone as my enemy, but I should have loved them as my brother. I should be more focused on how Jesus can bring our trials into tribulations when we accept Him as our Savior instead of how I felt about anyone’s sins. Would I have dared to cast the first stone before him on that day? Am I so consumed by my own selfishness that I am blinded to the fact that he sees the rocks I throw now? If I take the place as judge then I fall as far as my unforgiveness will take me.

Today is the day I say NO MORE! I may be forgiven, but I have lost my way in the fog of my own pride. This I cannot allow to continue! Kneeling at the foot of the cross I will take my stand. Embracing the bloodied, rough and marred moment that our Jesus became the only way to get to heaven because I wouldn’t have made it under the law! The Resurrection renewing my hope in a world darkened by the fall of man! May the Gospel be my reminder that life was never meant to be a list of the valleys we trudge thru, but a celebration of the heights God has brought us.

Life, no matter how tragic, is a proclamation of who we can become when we accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as truth. His resurrection laid the foundation of how my own soul can be transformed to match His teachings.  At this altar I choose to take being a disciple as the vow it was meant to be instead of the glossed over title it has become. Until I draw my last breath I will choose to see the world through the eyes of the one who saw my mess and gave me forgiveness. Let me repent of my fear to be seen as broken made whole by mercy. Today I lay down my comfort zone as I pick my cross back up. May my life reflect Jesus, and may my life be set ablaze to be of servitude to another’s soul!

One thought on “Heart Cry of a Hypocrite

  1. Oh, if brokenness was an ever reminder of the basic need… GRACE…something certainly we do not deserve, but pride always helps us forget. Hypocrites!
    Well, good thing His mercies are new every morning; because I can’t seem to get this log out of my eye.
    Amen, and amen!

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